How to Invest in Indian Celebrities Autographs as Alternative Investment

India is the fastest growing nation in the World. Indian stock market, real estate prices are increasing every day. Most of people invest their hard earned money in these types of mainstream investment areas. Sometime it gives you negative returns on your investment. So, it is better to diversify investment in other sectors i.e. Alternative Investments. It is widely popular investment in India with best returns. Main question is Where to invest in India for good returns? Then Celebrities Autographs is the best way to earn good return on alternative investment in India. Trend on Alternative Investment in India has been started. So, it has good opportunity for all investors. Let’s talk about our main topic How to Invest in Indian Celebrities Autographs as Alternative Investment.

What is Autographs?

Autograph is the signature of celebrity. If ordinary person give signature then it is not considered as Autograph. If celebrity gives his/her signature then it is considered as Autograph. Celebrity Autograph can be taken on any item like photograph, ordinary paper, bat/ball, t-shirt and others.

Why Autographs are valuable?

There are millions of collectible items collectors Worldwide in so many countries like United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, UAE and others. They collect various items like Coins, Bank Notes, Autographs of Celebrities and others. They collect autographs as their hobby as well as investment. Collectible Items collectors’ buy/sale autographs to improve their collection value. That’s why Autographs is so much valuable in the alternative investment market.

How to Invest in Autographs as Alternative Investment?

I am recommending you to do not invest directly in any collectible items like Autographs. First study and observe various things like how much return I will get? What are the risk factors? It will help you to minimize your questions and helps to get good/best returns on alternative investment in India.

You can also collect Indian Celebrities Autographs easily and quickly by writing a letter to particular celebrity. If you are not successful in obtaining autographs directly then purchase/buy it from other fellow collectors/dealers.

Important Celebrities Area for Huge Returns on Alternative Investment in Autographs

Every celebrity’s autograph is not valuable. So, it is better to buy only valuable Indian celebrities autographs for great returns in future. I have listed important areas where anyone can get best returns on their Investment in Autographs.

1. Indian Freedom Fighters
2. Indian Presidents and Prime Ministers
3. Indian Religious Leaders
4. Indian Cricketers and Bollywood Stars

I hope that my tips & guide on How to Invest in Indian Celebrities Autographs as Alternative Investment will be useful to all Indian Autographs Collectors worldwide.

Top 10 Most Expensive Living Celebrities Autographs in the World

Top 10 Most Expensive Autographs in the World - Living Celebrities Valuable Autographs has been given here. Celebrity autographs is one of the best alternative investment in the World. Autographs collects around the World are increasing day by day. I have also written special report on how to collect celebrities autographs in person as well as through the mail. Celebrities autographs will be one of the most important alternative investment which will provide you pleasure with highest return in the market. Let’s see our best list of expensive (valuable) celebrities autographs in the World.

1. Paul McCartney – Member of Beatles Music Group

He is the member of Beatles and one of the best musician ever in the history. He has millions of fans worldwide specially in USA, UK, Canada and other European countries.

Approx. value of his Autograph : US$2500

2. Queen Elizabeth II – Queen of England

She is one of the respectable person in the England as well as in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Her autograph is one of the most difficult to get one for you. That’s why her autographs is one of the most expensive (valuable) in royal family category collection.


3. Muhammad Ali – Legendary Boxer

He is the most famous boxer in the World. US$ 1600

4. Bob Dylan – Legendary Musician

He has created lots of fans around the World by his music. US$ 1500

5. Madonna – Worldwide famous Pop Singer

Madonna is world famous Pop singer and she has millions of fans worldwide. Madonna is the latest trend in pop singing industry. US$ 1200

6. Pele – Globally famous Football Player

Pele is the legend of football game. He is also one of the most popular football player in the World. US$ 1100

7. Mick Jagger – Singer of Rolling Stones

He is leading pop singer of Rolling stones. There is a high demand of Mick’s collectible items around the World.

8. Nelson Mondela –  First President of South Africa

He has lived in the Jain for more than 28 years for the protest of various problems in the country. He is also winner of noble prize and most valuable person in the Africa continent and around the World. US$100

9. Tiger Woods – Professional Golfer

He is earning in millions of dollar from his professional golf career and it is very difficult to get his autograph in persona or face to face. So, his autograph price is going at sky rocket speed. US$800.

10. JK Rowlings – Author of Harry Potter

She has created thousands and millions of fans by her book series on Harry Potter. She is residing in the United Kingdom and very hard to get her autograph in person also. It is one of the best investment for her fans. US$400.

We hope that list on Top 10 Most Expensive Autographs in the World - Living Celebrities Valuable Autographs will be useful to investors around the World.

How to Identify Fake Autographs – [Best Tips & Guide]

Identifying fake autographs of celebrities is not much difficult if you follow some basic rules and knowledge. There are thousands of autographs collectors collect celebrities autographs as their hobby. Mostly collectors are from United States of America (USA), India, United Kingdom (UK), Norway, Germany and others. Some collectors buy and sale single autographs as well as whole collection. So, you have to careful while purchasing/buying celebrities autographs from dealer. There are so many fake autographs dealers exist in the market. So, let’s start my best tips & guide on How to Identify and Spot Fake Autographs of Celebrities.

Celebrities Autographs Collection

1. Stamped Signature/Autograph of Celebrity

There are lots of celebrities who give stamped autographs to their fans. It is most important to identify stamped autographs (signature) to avoid wastage of money. Generally, stamped signature of celebrity can be identified with the help of magnifier glass OR simply checking its ink by moving your hands on the signature.

2. Facsimile Autograph/Signature of Celebrity

Facsimile signature of celebrity can be identified easily and quickly. You have to just move your hands across the celebrity signature. If you don’t find any ink on the signature then 100% it is facsimile autograph of celebrity.

Surface of the autograph is also best place to identify fake autograph of celebrity. Surface ink will not be darker because facsimile doesn’t have any good ink effect on the surface. So, it is better to identify it before buying autographs from dealers around the World.

3. Check condition of Autograph

If you are going to buy old autograph then definitely paper will be seen like dull. You have to check object where autograph is done. While buying old autographs from dealers OR collectors, old object will not be shine as new (contemporary) object. This is one of the most important tips to identify and spot fake autographs of celebrities.

There are also so many forgers who use old paper/photograph for fake autographs. To avoid identity of fake autographs, forgers use old object which seen like old and buyer will trust them.

4. Visit Autographs Collectors Website for Reference

I am recommending you to visit regularly prominent autograph collector’s website for reference. They often provide scan copies of fake signature/autographs in their website. So, you should compare your autograph collection with their website for further study and reference. You should not depend 100% on autograph collectors/dealers website.

5. Availability of Celebrities Autographs

If you are buying celebrities autographs from dealers online then visit their whole website/portal. If they provide autographs of very prominent celebrities in lot then it is also considered as doubtful collection. Most of prominent celebrities in the World didn’t provide autographs in lot. For example autographs of Beatles, David Beckham, Michael Jackson, The President of US, Muhammad Ali and others are difficult to obtain in lot autographs.

I hope that my best tips & guide on How to Identify and Spot Fake Autographs will be useful to thousands of autograph collectors from around the World. Let’s share this useful article with your friends to avoid forgery.