How to Sell Celebrities Autographs Online – [Best Tips & Guide]

Celebrities Autographs is the best way for alternative investment plans. There are thousands of Autographs collectors worldwide especially in developed countries like the United States of America (USA), Canada, United Kingdom (UK), Australia, Germany and others. There are also good sign of increasing autographs collectors in India, China and other developing countries. So, market of autographs is creasing day by day. It is good chance for all professional autographs’ dealers worldwide to increase their earnings to reach the market through online. We have provided best tips & guide on How to Sell Celebrities Autographs Online Quickly. So, let’s start towards our main topic.

Sell Autographs Online

World’s best/leading marketplace of Autographs: eBay

eBay is the world’s largest online marketplace for all types of products. There are thousands of buyers and sellers to deal in various products from various places worldwide. So, it is the most important place to buy and sell your autographs collection at good price. You will get good and best autographs price of your collection with larger number of bidders.

There is also tiny competition in autographs online market eBay. You have to build your own reputation in eBay marketplace because there are so many fraud autographs dealers exist in eBay. So, it is the most important for any new seller of autographs to build reputation. There are so many ways to create and develop their reputation like providing lifetime guarantee of autograph authenticity, money back guarantee of autograph and your physical mailing address with contact number will provide some basic level of confidence to buyers.

Build your personal Autographs selling website Online

If you do not like to follow eBay then alternative is to build your own personal website of autographs online. There are so many advantages and disadvantages for building your own personal autographs website. You didn’t require to pay commission anyone. Still, you need to do good marketing of your personal website; it requires money to spend online marketing as well as offline marketing. There are no rules and regulations you have to follow because it is your own personal website. While in eBay marketplace, you have to follow their terms and condition for listing autographs on sale.

My Recommendations

Are you confused where to sell autographs online for good price? Then don’t worry, I have provided my best recommendations for both services. If you have large collection of celebrity autographs with regular buying and selling then it is better to make your own personal website for selling autographs online. If you sell autographs irregularly and having small collection then it is better to use eBay marketplace for selling autographs with high and best price.

I hope that my best tips & guide on How to Sell Celebrities Autographs Online Quickly will be useful for thousands of autographs collectors worldwide.

How I got Bill Gates Autograph through the mail in my collection

Bill Gates aka William Henry “Bill” Gates, III is the richest person in the world. He is the most popular man in this world after launching the Windows operating system in the world. Bill Gates has also donated most of his money to his charity organization Bill and Melinda Foundation, USA for the welfare of the people.

Bill Gates Autograph

From my high school days, Bill Gates has inspired me to achieve your goal. I was very affected by his thoughts and work. I didn’t know in those days how to contact Bill Gates? It was an impossible thing for me to contact Bill Gates through the mail. I was thinking, why he should reply me? Am I celebrity? After starting the autograph collection hobby, I realized that it is not the impossible thing in this world to get your favourite celebrity autograph.

On 22nd November, 2006, I wrote a letter to the Chief Architect of the Microsoft stating that I am autographs collector and want your signed photograph in my collection. To my surprise, I got his signed photograph in December, 2006 with Microsoft’s company fast facts. It was one of the happiest days for me.

How I got Bill Gates Autograph through the mail in my collection?

In those days, I was not internet savvy. I thought that writing a letter to his company’s headquarters is the best option. Immediately, I have searched for his company’s address on Google. The address which I have used is as follows.

Mr. Bill Gates
The Chairman of the Microsoft Corporation
Microsoft Headquarters,
One Microsoft Way
Redmond, WA 98052-6399

After some years, I have found this autograph is not original. He provides auto-pen autographs to his fans due to large numbers of requests for his signed photographs. Still, I am happy that he sent me a reply!

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How I got AK Hangal Autograph through the mail

A. K. Hangal’s full name was Avtar Kishan Hangal. He was very kind person to send out his signed photos. I have sent him two photographs and he was so much kind, he sent me both photos signed back. In last few years of his life, he was suffering from financial burden due to his ill health expenses.

AK Hangal Autograph

How I got AK Hangal’s autograph through the mail?

Before his ill health condition, I have written him a letter requesting his signed photos which I have sent him. I know, he was suffering from financial burden, that’s why I have sent him two photographs including envelope with stamped on it. After 20-30 days (as I remember), AK Hangal sent me two signed photos with his signed letter stating that he is very much happy to send me his autograph!

I have used the following address to write AK Hangal.

A. K. Hangal
3 Saraswati Mansion, 4th Road,
Santakruz (East),

Due to his ill health, he was died on 26th August, 2012. Many film stars helped him during his weak financial position due to heavy expenses of the hospital.

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