How to Collect Celebrities Autographs – Best Tips & Guide for Beginners

Autographs collection is one of the fastest growing hobby in the World. Nearly, more than 1 million people collects autographs as their hobby or investment. There are so many persons who wants to start autographs collection but they didn’t know how to collect celebrities autographs. To help them, I have written this article with best tips & guide on How to Collect Autographs.

Celebrities Autographs Collection

Autographs can be obtained through email, regular mail, in person, exchange with other autograph collector and by paying price for it. I have collected autographs with all the methods whichever suitable for particular celebrity autograph.

There are following ways to collect celebrities autographs. You can select particular method based on requirement and situation.

• Autographs Through The Mail
• Autographs Through The Email
• Autographs In Person
• Autographs Purchase

1. Autographs Through The Mail : Collecting autographs through the mail is the best way to collect celebrities autographs. This will save your time as well as your money. Success rate in this way is fifty fifty because it totally depend upon the celebrity to reply you or not. Only a few celebrities have their own fan office to reply your autographs request.

Autographs through the mail

There are so many websites available for celebrities official addresses. In recent years, lots of websites has been created only for celebrities addresses. It is very easy to find particular celebrity office and home address. It is always recommended that you should write on office address.

2. Autographs through e-mail : Collecting autographs through email is also one of the best way to collect celebrities autographs. It is not much successful way to collect autographs because most of celebrities don’t have time to reply their fans email. If celebrity’s secretary is good at all then you have good chance to grab one autographed photo, card for your collection without paying anything. As per my opinion, it is not good way to collect autographs.

Google is the best way to search celebrity’s official website. After opening celebrity’s website, go to contact us page, Email Me page or anything like that where you can write a email to request autograph.

3. Autographs in person : This is the toughest way to collect autographs. It is most time consuming if you are beginner and don’t have any contacts with program organizers. First try to collect autographs through the mail then start collecting autographs in person. You should have information on celebrities events and programs in your city. Before appearing in the program, carry some photographs and cards to take autographs on it.

4. Autographs Purchase : This is the easiest way to collect autographs. You can purchase autographs from autographs dealers and autographs collectors like me. You have to mention your area of interest to the dealer. He/She will informs you whenever your area of interest autographs are available.

Besides this, you can also purchase autographs from eBay. Please note that eBay is the popular place for fake autographs. So, I am recommending you to only purchase from good rated autographs dealers on eBay.

Please let me know if you have any question regarding How to Collect Autographs. Let me know which is your favorite way to collect autographs ?

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